Head Coach

I can do a 1-handed cartwheel, run a half marathon on a whim, deadlift twice my bodyweight, and hike mountains.


B.S. in Exercise Science

CrossFit Level 2

About Coach

My greatest athletic achievement is running 100 miles under 24 hours with my brother after the race was canceled due to COVID-19. There is nothing I am more proud of and will never be anything I am more proud of. There is no simple way to share what I have learned along my personal life journey so I'll say only this... I grew up a band nerd, and a bookworm... fishing, hunting, bowling, and traveling with my family... I have been overestimated and underestimated intellectually and physically... I have experienced good teachers and bad teachers... I have been both a good and a bad student... I have absorbed every up and down... I have made poor life choices far more often than good life choices... but ultimately, ALL of it has morphed me into the person I am today... the coach I am today.

Turning Point

I hate this question. I have literally spent 3 hours typing an answer and deleting it. Which tells you that I am my enemy and it's still winning. I don't know what the right answer is and nothing specifically stands out. I am someone who gets overwhelmed by too much information and then shuts down, anxious about letting others down, and can't read a whole article in one sitting because I can't get my brain to slow down. My turning points are mostly driven externally... other people who can figure out how to stop me in my tracks, listen to me, and communicate with me because my head is in utter chaos.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose for coaching is to make an impact on someone's life a little at a time. I want athletes to feel seen, cared for, appreciated, and challenged. Once I know you want something, I will challenge you and hold you to a high standard. When I say a good job, I want athletes to know it is something they earned... not something I just say.

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